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by gubtcasting


If the main shaft of the cone crusher is bent or broken during production, it will affect the production seriously.
Let’s take a look at how to reduce the damage to the main shaft of the cone crusher ,in order to reduce the impact on production.

1、Improve the quality of the main shaft manufacturing. Poor manufacturing quality and improper material both will reduce the strength of the main shaft. Therefore, in order to reduce the damage of the main shaft,on the basis of ensuring the proper material,it should be in a standardized production in strict accordance with manufacturing requirement.

2、Reasonable structure design. When designing the main shaft,we can properly increase the fillet of the interface of different diameters to ensure a certain manufacturing accuracy and surface roughness, add an unloading slot on both sides of the matching part of the mantle head sphere and the main shaft etc. So can reduce the stress concentration of the main shaft, improve the strength of the main shaft of the cone crusher, and reduce the damage of the main shaft during production finally.


3、Pay attention to check. Pay attention to check the operation of each component during production. If there are an improper gap between the main shaft and the cone bushing ,skewed eccentric bushings,excessive high temperature of the lube,too dirty oil…these factors will cause burning and pad shaft accident,which leads to the fracture of the spindle. So,we must pay attention to inspection,avoid the factors that induce spindle fracture in time to reduce the damage of the main shaft.

4、No overloaded running. If the cone crusher is continuously overloaded, the main shaft is easy to break at the joint with the main structure. In addition, ,when it is overloaded,the upper sleeve often jumps when crushing hard ore,which not only causes the product size to be too coarse but also leads to the parts easy to wear out.

5、Adjust the spring preload in time. The crushing force is an important parameter of cone crusher, and the crushing force is proportional to the preload of spring. When the preload is small,the crushing force is small, and the force of the corresponding main shaft is small too. Otherwise, the force on the main shaft is large. Therefore, pay attention to adjusting the spring preload during production. When adjusting the springs, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that each set of springs are adjusted to the same degree