Bowl liner, Concave, Mantle, Jaw plate, Cheek Plate, Blow Bar, Impact Plate, Rotor TIp, Cavity Plate, Feed Eye Ring, Feed Tube, Feed plate, Top upper lower wear plate, Rotor, Shaft, Main shaft, Shaft Sleeve, Shaft Cap Swing Jaw E.T.C


We elect and inspect for each batch of raw materials is strictly according to applicable codes. At the same time, we also detected the ratio of chemical components for each ladle of molten steel in a real-time manner. After acceptance, the molten steel can be used for casting.

Besides, our samples of products will be kept for a period of three years, to facilitate tractability. And our each of the procedures, such as a record of heat treatment temperature curve, hardness measurement, metallographic analysis, and verification of dimensions of molds and finished products, is fully implemented.


Because of the long-established market operations, we own a large number of drawings and molds for common and non-conventional parts. For this reason, we save much time in the typically long cycle of conversion from drawings to molds. Most of the products can be directly produced, thereby sparing users’ time to wait after ordering and before production to completion.


Sitting in Chengdu – the city of West China, our Company enjoys a very sophisticated logistics system. This is because Chengdu has the fourth biggest airport. And moreover, the high-speed railways that run across Kazakhstan, Russia, Belorussia and finally to Lodz station of Portland. On the other hand, the inland transport to Chongqing, Shanghai port and Guangzhou port only takes a few days.


  • Manganese crusher parts in 18MnCr2 up to 22MnCr3
  • Chromium crusher parts with 18% Cr up to 26% Cr and a hardness from 56 HRc up to 62 HRC
  • Combined rotor tips for VSI
  • Standard or non-standard