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Your dedicated supplier of high-quality crusher wear and spare parts for the global market. Our experienced team of engineers and sales professionals work together to offer cost-effective solutions and excellent after-sales services.

GUBT specialize in producing standard parts for Cone Crusher, Jaw Crusher, HSI, and VSI, as well as customized products to meet your specific needs. We’re always happy to provide technical assistance to help our customers choose the right products.

Since our establishment, we’ve accumulated a loyal customer base and developed high-quality spare parts.

To continue our growth trajectory and meet increasing demand, we’ve recently upgraded our foundry to meet industry standards. We’re committed to assisting every customer promptly and wholeheartedly, working together to solve any issues and reduce downtime. So, if there’s anything we can help you with, just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Enhanced SiO2 automatic line, One set of 5 tons x2 furnace


3Mx3.5Mx2M x 2 sets, 3Mx2.5Mx1.8M x 1 sets


2 workshops, total 13 machine tools


Robot arms


Before leaving the premises, each individual GUBT product is inspected and tested by our highly-trained Quality Control staff. This process helps ensure superior performance and unmatched levels of quality that you can trust from GUBT.

  • Staff regularly trained to maintain quality control.
  • Continuous testing and analysis to improve manufacturing.
  • State-of-the-art equipment used for quality maintenance.
  • We adhere to strict quality standards to guarantee product reliability.
  • Our quality commitment meets customer expectations.


At GUBT, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible products to our customers while minimizing our costs. We believe that by continually improving our products, we can maintain our customers’ satisfaction and grow alongside them. We are committed to listening to our customers’ feedback and using it to inform our decision-making, so that we can continue to meet their needs in a rapidly changing marketplace. Our focus on excellence is what drives our business forward, and we are confident that with this approach, we will continue to achieve success well into the future.