March 4, 2019

The effects of material to mantle and concave on service life

The material of cone crusher wear parts

  • As we all know that the concave and mantles play the most important roles among all the wearing parts of the cone crusher.
    we know that the wear rate and short working are big problems in sand making plants because they are directly involved in the grinding of stone. The frequent replacement of crusher spare parts not only shorten the effective operation time in sand and stone production line, but also increased the production cost.

The current situation about material of crusher spare parts

  • We also know many manufacturers of crusher spare parts at home and abroad are researching new materials. But unfortunately, we improving wear resistance of high manganese steel by more than 20% might be very difficult. Although we can get the new material, we cannot afford the high new material cost. It’s hard to take benefit and profit to the users.

Our efforts in improving the material.

  • It’s more important to choose a factory which has enough experience.
  • Luckily, our casting plant has rich experience in producing wear-resistant parts. On the basis of research and development and production experience and quite a few experiments, we have mastered the technology to service life to 1.2 times for concave, mantle, jaw plate, cheek plate, hammer and impact blow bar for crusher. Besides, we have also successfully transfered this technology into Cone parts. So the service life of bowl liner and mantle has greatly improved. Our super new material of concave and mantle has replaced the traditional single high manganese steel of wearing parts.
  • We have got the proven by use and practice the wear resistant parts. And the service life of wear parts with new type material is much longer than normal manganese steel under the same working condition.
We produced the mantle and bowl liner  for cone crusher recently

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