March 25, 2019

The material of hammer for crusher.

As we all know, the main crusher wear parts in machine equipment have hugh effect on the machinery property. At most of time. The machines cannot work becasue the important parts get broken such as hammer for crusher. The material of hammer affect the its working life directly.

How the material of hammer affect it’s service life.

We know the normal operation and working life depends on the quality of the crusher spare parts. In a word. The quality of crusher hammer depends on the material of hammer.

In the hammer crusher, the hammer is an essential part and plays a primary role in the working process. The making way of hammer is usually by casting which is used abroadly. The top part of hammer get abrasion and impact force when the crusher hammer is working. The wear of hammer crusher is caused by violent collision at work and violent impact on the working part. However, the handle part oof hammer is less subject to bending fatigue and wearing.

Normal hammer wear very fast. We improved the maetrial of hammer of crusher and use high chromium to cast the hammer.

No matter what kind of wear parts for impact crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, we need to pay attention to the material.

We as a global supplier of crusher wear parts, manufacture cone crusher wear parts for different brands crusher.  We are in the area of CRUSHER WEAR PARTS more than 30 years. And we have exported to the Americas, Europe, Africas and other countries around the world since 2010 .
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Our products includes the standard parts: bowl liner, mantle, jaw plates, blow bar, break plates, VSI parts for top brands and non-standard parts.

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