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Material : 18MnCr2 to 22MnCr3

 We know that the jaw crusher wear parts mainly include a fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate. GUBT‘s Jaw crusher plates are manufactured with Mn18Cr2 Mn20Cr2 Mn22Cr3 etc. Every jaw plate in GUBT is tested under a wide range of load conditions. The special processing techniques ensure that our jaw plates have leading performance.

To ensure that the appearance of the jaw plates looks more beautiful, the quality is more reliable, mounting is easier. The jaws plates always are machined on the mounting surface, also strict according to the original drawings.

We stock a variety of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate to suit most makes and models of crushing machinery. Most of our jaws are available in 13%or18% Mn depending on your range in price and crushed material, both are exceptionally good quality.

Metso, Sandvik, Terex, Pegson, FLSmith, McCloskey, ETC.

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Manufacture with supplied drawings or samples, materials customizable.

* All brand names, model names or marks are owned by their respective manufacturers. GUBT has no affiliation with the OEM. These terms are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by the OEM. All parts are manufactured by, for and warranted by GUBT and are not manufactured by, purchased from or warranted by the OEM.

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Parttern list
JM806 Wide Teech, WT(Z) ST400.0474
JM806 Corrugated(C) ST400.0465
JM806 Corrugated(C) SW400.0464
JM806 Cheek Plate Upper10.314.627.000
JM806 Cheek Plate Lower10.314.628.000
JM907 Wide Teech, WT(Z) ST400.0483
JM907 Corrugated(C) ST400.0417
JM907 Corrugated(C) SW400.0418
JM907 Cheek Plate Upper10.314.386.000
JM907 Cheek Plate Lower10.314.404.000
JM1107 Jaw plate stationary400.1101
JM1107 Jaw plate swing400.1102
JM1107 Jaw plate swing400.0738
JM1107 Jaw plate stationary400.0739
JM1107 Jaw plate swing400.2207
JM1108 Wide Teech, WT(Z) ST400.0436
JM1108 Coarse Corrugated(CC) ST400.0437
JM1108 Coarse Corrugated(CC) SW400.0433
JM1108 Cheek Plate Upper10.314.262.000
JM1108 Cheek Plate Lower10.314.263.000
JM1206 Wide Teech, WT(Z) ST400.0484
JM1206 Corrugated(C) ST400.0415
JM1206 Corrugated(C) SW400.0414
JM1208 Wide Teech, WT(Z) ST400.0411
JM1208 Coarse Corrugated(CC) ST400.0425
JM1208 Coarse Corrugated(CC) SW400.042
JM1208 Heavy Duty(HD) SW400.0412
JM1208 Heavy Duty(HD) ST400.0413
1107RJ Cheek Plate400.0639
JM1211 Coarse Corrugated(CC) ST400.2266
JM1211 Coarse Corrugated(CC) SW400.0443
JM1211 Wide Wave(WW),E ST400.044
JM1211 Wide Wave(WW),E SW400.0438
JM1211 Cheek Plate Upper402.4239-01
JM1211 Cheek Plate Lower402.4635-01
JM1513 Cheek Plate Upper402.4361-01
JM1513 Cheek Plate Lower402.4622-01
JM1312 Corrugated(C) ST400.0447
JM1312 Corrugated(C) SW400.0446
JM1312 Coarse Corrugated(CC) ST400.0422
JM1312 Coarse Corrugated(CC) SW400.0421
JM1312 Sharp Toothed(ST) ST400.0963
JM1312 Sharp Toothed(ST) SW400.0964
JM1312 Cheek Plate Upper10.214.351.000
JM1312 Cheek Plate Lower10.214.352.000
JM1511 Coarse Corrugated(CC) SW400.0488
JM1511 Sharp Toothed(ST) ST400.049
JM1511 Sharp Toothed(ST) SW400.0491
JM1513 Sharp Toothed(ST) ST400.0779
JM1513 Sharp Toothed(ST) SW400.078
C63 Movable plate200425
C63 Movable plate200426
C63 Fixed Plate292977
C63 Movable plate292978
C105 Fixed Plate913598
C105 Movable plate913780
C105 Fixed Plate928918
C105 Movable plate928919
C106 Fixed PlateMM0268262
C106 Movable plateMM0268263
C106 Fixed PlateMM0273923
C106 Movable plateMM0273924
C106 Fixed PlateMM0273925
C106 Movable plateMM0273926
C200 Fixed Plate917389
C200 Movable plate917390
C140 Movable plate285988
C140 Fixed Plate285989
C140 Fixed Plate287706
C140 Fixed PlateMM0218047
C140 Movable plateMM0218048
C140 Movable plate307997
C80 Movable plate312469
C80 Fixed Plate312470
C80 Fixed Plate903053
C80 Movable plate903054
C80 Fixed Plate907367
C80 Movable plate907368
C80 Fixed Plate918386
C80 Movable plate918387
C80 Fixed Plate921411
C80 Movable plate921412
C110 Fixed Plate287958
C110 Movable plate287959
C110 Fixed Plate295397
C110 Movable plate295398
C110 Fixed Plate904351
C110 Movable plate904352
C110 Fixed Plate913125
C110 Movable plate918208
C110 Fixed PlateMM0224994
C110 Movable plateMM0224995
C145 Fixed Plate905526
C145 Movable plate905527
C145 Movable plate46590671
C145 Fixed Plate46590672
C96 Movable plate934485
C96 Movable plate942233
C96 Movable plate944860
C96 Fixed Plate948449
C96 Fixed Plate948450
C96 Fixed Plate948451
C96 Movable plateMM0208851
C96 Fixed PlateMM0215712
C96 Movable plateMM0236248
C96 Fixed PlateMM0260417
C116 Fixed PlateMM0247231
C116 Movable plateMM0247232
C116 Fixed PlateMM0274302
C116 Movable plateMM0274303
C120 Fixed PlateMM0521201
C120 Movable plateMM0521203
C160 Movable plate292749
C160 Fixed Plate292750
C160 Movable plate292915
C160 Fixed Plate908446
C160 Movable plate934612
C100 Fixed Plate187625
C100 Movable plate187626
C100 Fixed Plate200373
C100 Movable plate200374
C100 Fixed Plate200421
C100 Movable plate200422
C100 Fixed Plate46590860
C100 Movable plate46591200
C125 Fixed Plate200420
C125 Movable plate200427
C125 Fixed Plate285012
C125 Movable plate285614
C125 Fixed Plate954343
C125 Movable plate954353
C3054 Fixed Plate952743
C3054 Movable plate952744
C3054 Fixed PlateMM0232802
C3054 Movable plateMM0232803
C3054 Movable plateMM0257640