Who We Are

Chengdu GUBT industry Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of crusher parts,has established import and export business since 2010. We have many years of history in the casting steel industry, basis on a foothold in the domestic market to a large number of exports to the overseas market.

GUBT founded in 2000, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact-resistant product development, and production. Moreover, a total of annual production is about 10,000 tons for various products. Besides. Our products include the standard parts: bowl liner, mantle, jaw plates, blow bar, break plates, VSI parts for top brands and non-standard crusher parts.

Chengdu gubt industry Co.,Ltd.

What We Supply

Finished products

Bowl liner, Concave, Mantle, Jaw plate, Cheek Plate, Blow Bar, Impact Plate, Rotor TIp, Cavity Plate, Feed Eye Ring, Feed Tube, Feed plate, Top upper lower wear plate, Rotor, Shaft, Main shaft, Shaft Sleeve, Shaft Cap Swing Jaw E.T.C


Custom casting and machining

MangalloyMn13Cr2, Mn17Cr2, Mn18Cr2, Mn22Cr3 …

Martensite:   Cr24, Cr27Mo1, Cr27Mo2, Cr29Mo1 …

Others:             ZG200 – 400, Q235, HAROX, WC YG6, YG8, YG6X YG8X

Production Ability

Updated on February 20, 2020

Bowl liner casting


• Solidworks, UG, CAXA, CAD
• CPSS(Casting Process Simulation System)

casting furnace


• 4-ton medium frequency induction furnace
• 2-ton medium frequency induction furnace
• Max weight of cone liner 4.5 ton/pcs
• Max weight of jaw plate 5 ton/pcs

Heat Treatment


• Two 3.4*2.3*1.8 Meters Chamber Electric heat treatment furnaces
• One 2.2*1.2*1 Meter Chamber Electric heat treatment furnaces

Lathe machining


• Two 1.25 meters vertical lathe
• Four 1.6 meters vertical lathe
• One 2 meters vertical lathe
• One 2.5 meters vertical lathe
• One 3.15 meters vertical lathe
• One 2*6 meters milling planer

Oil press


• 1 set 1250 ton oil pressure floating matching
• 1 set suspended blasting machine

manganese spectrometer


• OBLF direct-read spectrometer.
• Metallographic tester.
• Penetrate inspection tools.
• Hardness tester.
• Thermocouple thermometer.
• Infrared thermometer.
• Dimension tools

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